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January 13, 2011


Karen Y.

Joy--I find I have to keep jumping in again, over and over. But so what? We care, we try. I can't wait to see what happens when you jump back in again!

Kara--never feel guilt over my blog, PLEASE!! I know that you read it, and that's actually enough.


Karen - I was over at Sharon's new blog and trying to leave a comment. For some reason I was having all sorts of trouble. Then I thought - you know I had trouble leaving a comment here the other night. So I'm back to try again. And in the spirit of jumping in I thought I'd come back and say "hi" and let go of the guilt for not leaving you a comment earlier.......so Hi! Thinking of you love.


again, you mirror my thoughts. i need to jump back in too! *sigh*

Karen Y.

Thanks, Laura!

S.P.--it's like the guilt becomes an indulgence. Eventually, I've got to stop being the drama queen and just write!!

Slow Panic

I've been doing the same thing with blogging. Wanting to blog, not blogging, then feeling guilty. I like your attitude and yeah, I think the same thing!

The Other Laura

Hey, Karen. You are so right. Nothing to do but just jump right back in! Do you have a vegan cake recipe you would recommend? (Frank's birthday is coming up and we are still steering clear of everything dairy related.)

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