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Kara--you know, I'm already doing something very like that--perhaps exactly like that. When I'm in the midst of a stressful moment, and I happen to remember, I breathe in thinking "All...."and then breathe out, thinking "is well..." When I remember, it really does calm me down!

Laura--yaay, you found me!

The Other Laura

Karen! Why here you are and here you've been all this time and I just wasn't keeping up... We are feeling our way into a summer schedule over here too.


I just pulled out my Maisel book and I had the title wrong - Ten Zen Seconds is the correct title. It is actually based on breathing in for 5 seconds and breathing out for 5 seconds - hence 10 seconds. There are 12 incantions or phrases. As you breathe in you say one part and as you breathe out you say the next part. The saying is done mostly in your mind rather than out loud. You can adapt the phrases he offers. What I love about the process is it takes no time to do. Number ten is breathe in (I am equal) breathe out (to this challenge). Or number 9 (I am open) (to joy). It is wonderful simple and adaptable book for serenity.


My house is my cool retreat--I'm so grateful that I don't have to leave it, if I don't want to!! I actually have Maisel's "A Writer's Space" and "Creativity for Life," but not "Ten Zen Steps"--I'm going to look into that. I've been thinking about this change stuff--and was berating myself for not being adaptable. But you know, I AM adaptable--it just takes me a little while to get there. So realizing that made me feel better. I just need to have faith--faith in the situations, faith in the others around me, and faith in me.


Look at your petunias! I heard it was going to be hot there and I hope you are finding cool retreat.

As for change - well I'm sending you a hug. I know what that is like - the stop, then hard to start again, and then the derailment again when something else has to change. It's so tiring and resistance provoking......so I'm sending you spaciousness in addition to a hug for the transitions.

This just popped into my head - have you ever read EricMaisel's book Ten Zen Steps?

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