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November 15, 2007



Ohmygosh! Ask and receive ... (chuckling as I type) ... because this time my information is there already. Thanks for whatever you did Stagwoman (or if it was the Universe at large, I'm grateful for all blessings received).

So ... since you've got LOTS of time (with family off visiting relatives leaving you to yourself) ... and since you participated in Mrs. G's challenge, I've got another for you today. You've been "tagged" for "7 Random Things". Rules and my list can be found at Small Reflections (posted 11-18-07 in case you don't read this today).

Happy Thanksgiving to all (in case I don't get another opportunity before "turkey day" rolls around. By the way Karen, do you have plans for Thursday? I hope so. It looks like my neighbors aren't going to let me hang out by myself at home with "miniature turkey" (read broiled chicken from the local market), dressing, sweet potatoes, broccoli, Satsuma tangerines from my sister's tree and cranberry sauce for one as I'd planned. So ... I'll head two doors toward the ocean and join the "HUGE" family in their celebration in return for allowing some of the visiting dogs to stay in my yard with Molly for the afternoon. :)


Oh, I really enjoyed your list and the visuals. Now I want to read and eat chocolate!


I can't tell you how many times I do what you did in #1. So frustrating!

Stag Woman

Mrs. G.--I almost didn't include Al (it's admitting I watch something other than PBS), but he's just too fabulous! And I still have hopes about the possible two Deadwood movies that HBO has talked about.

Stag Woman

Storyteller--I made a point of photographing the one section of bookshelves that was neat...it is NOT indicative of the rest of the house. And if I ever find the pants picture, I'm posting it!

Mrs. G.

I have never another woman who feels as passionate about Al Swearengen as I do. Oh and then there's Trixie and Joanie and Jane. My husband and I discovered Deadwood this summer and watched every episode in about a month. Talk about a marathon. I am still in mourning over the loss of this show. Possibly the best ever. Thanks for playing along.


I don't know why your site doesn't remember me. I've checked the box each time I've left a comment. Perhaps it's simply the Universe helping me keep my memory sharp by making me type the info each time? And that could be a good thing. ;)

Enjoyed your list ... but you didn't mention the smell of coffee in the morning (which might appear first on MY list if I made one). The chocolate looks most tempting, but puppy snuggles don't make me gain weight. Purple is one of my favorite colors as well (which is good since I have lots of Red Hat clothes in my closet) but my favorite remains "azure blue". I'm sorry you couldn't find the snapshot of your favorite pants from the 70s, but having lived through the era myself ... your vivid description brought back memories :)

The neatness of the bookshelves in the 3rd photo (4th thing) made me feel jealous, but seeing the one near your altar brought a relaxed chuckle of recognition because it looks more like the numerous floor to ceiling book shelves I have all over my house.

The fountain pen reminds me of the way I first started to journal long ago, but it's long since given way to my trusty mechanical pencils (who must mate & multiply when I'm not looking because they're everywhere now. :)

The last picture of your two favorite people makes me smile. You are one lucky woman my friend!

I guess I could check out this Mrs. G, but Google Reader already has 765 unread messages at the moment so I hesitate to add another site right now. Maybe later?

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