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January 23, 2008



Thanks so much. I really appreciate it, and your timing was great since this was a hard week for me.


Ohmygosh ... you've been busy and I've fallen down on the job. There are THREE new posts here and I'm playing catchup in the hour or so before the Women's Championship match begins. I figured I'd check in quickly and then make dinner. Hmmm ...

First, thanks so much for bouncing this award back to me. There were so many other bloggers I wanted to recognize, but I tried to play by the rules (though I was sorely tempted to ignore them). Now I'll be able to share the love with others, so THANK YOU! I also appreciate the kind words about my blogs. I've made a note of the other blogs you've mentioned that I've not yet visited and will get to them soon.

Methinks I'm going to stick with my plan and fix dinner before the match, but I'll return tomorrow to enjoy the other two posts when I'll have more time. Have a wonderful weekend away from the computer with your family ... and take time for yourself to dream.
Hugs and blessings,


Hey thanks for your kind encouraging words and for my very first award!!

Have a great weekend!


Thank you kindly. It's nice to be in the same company as Derfwad Manor, and I look forward to exploring the other writers on your list, too!


Thanks for the nod. I've been visiting your very FINE air space lately, too. I'm familiar with some of these spots but see I'm some fun exploring ahead. I am a HUGE Derfwad, too.


Thanks so much for the award . I love visiting you too. i try very hard with the photos.I want to share the beauty around me. Again thanks so much.

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