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February 10, 2010



Brrrr! But I love the photos. I confess I looked at these a few days ago in my reader and I'm just now commenting. What a lucky shot to get that cardinal - all that color in a winter wonderland!

Robin from Israel

Wow, that cardinal really stands out against the snow. Stay warm and dry over there!

Slow Panic

beautiful. we might get snow friday. maybe.


Wow, that cardinal doesn't even look real! Great shot.


Wow, that's a cardinal? Awesome!! We don't have any red birds here.

The Other Laura

What great snow shots! I'm glad that you guys have power and are staying warm.

Happily Retired Gal

What a BEAUTIFUL wintry wonderland ... topped off with a cherry ;-)
I hear you're in for more snow today and I hope you're staying warm and safe. Thanks so much for sharing and for your comments on my blogs. I do enjoy your feedback.
Hugs and blessings,


Wonderful..snowy and magical energy! And the amazing cardinal to top it all off! Gorgeous!

The Crazy Suburban Mom

Love the bird and so over the snow :)

Tara R.

The cardinal shot is wonderful. That little splash of red in all that white is beautiful.


oh wow, what a great capture of that cardinal! I'm in Michigan, all the schools are closed and my husband just finished digging us out so he can get to work!

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