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I really like that idea, Kara--as soon as I read it, I started thinking about all the things I could give myself permission to do. (Like, giving myself permission to stop and take a few deep breaths when I'm feeling overwhelmed.) I wish I could hold on to this--this knowing that it's the little decisions/choices we make in this instant that make the biggest impact on our lives. These little things end up shaping the big things.


I love this fabulous re-remembering. It is the little stuff. This makes me think about permission. Giving myself permission instead of waiting for someone else to give me permission. I wrote a whole bunch of little slips of permissions. Things like "permission to enjoy my body and take care of it" Anything that comes to me I write a permission slip and put it into a jar and then as a practice I reach in the jar and pull out a permission slip from time to time. It has been a good practice to see where my edges are and where I need to give myself some kindness instead of denying myself or passively waiting to find permission. And all of them are little bitty permissions but they equate to loving myself when I follow them.

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