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Hi Karen... I'm in a somewhat sentimental mood today, visiting favorite blogs and saying hello to missing friends. So... Hello. I have a special blogpost for you today. I hope you'll stop by :) xo

Virginia Ellenson

I love Plumcake, Kara, and YOU my friend!
Hugs and blessings

The Other Laura

Hey Karen! Can't find your email (laptopcrash) and I was wondering if you guys are okay post Irene. Drop me a line when you get the chance....


"it really shows her deep love for beautifully prepared cups of tea" - hee, hee

no I didn't notice the glowing eyes until you pointed it out but the other photo that amuses me is the one with her on Spenser. Tolerance but just barely...hee,hee


Oh, and Kara--did you notice the glowing eyes in the lower left corner of that pic of Mark? I think someone's a little jealous of all the attention being paid to the new arrival...


Thank you, Laura--in some respects, it's actually getting easier!!

Kara--I hadn't actually thought of it like that. I know that I make food, but since I follow a recipe, it doesn't seem like "real" creation. But I don't think less of you because you do follow a pattern for some of your creations--in fact, I'm impressed because you are able to translate those (to me) incomprehensible directions and make something beautiful. Thank you for pointing this out to me--I now have something else to tell those demons.

My personal favorite is Plumcake and the glass mug--I think that it really shows her deep love for beautifully prepared cups of tea.


One other thing - I may have finished the cat and the flower but it is like finishing a cake recipe. I followed patterns. Sure I brought my own ingredients of yarn and such but really when you are writing you are creating from scratch. So much harder. So hush demons HUSH!


Your welcome Karen. What a wonderful name you've given her. I first read this post at 3 am when I couldn't sleep. Keep laughing off those demons.
I had two thoughts while reading this and I want you to tell them to your demons. First was what does she mean she doesn't create anything with her hands? You cook what looks to me like yummy food and THAT is creating with your hands. And generous for your family.
The other thought was Karen weaves threads of a different sort....she takes words and hooks them together to create stories.
Plumcake is a little project like a short story. She isn't a novel. She's more like a few pages in a novel and I bet you've already finished a few pages. Tell those demons all of that too!
I don't know which photo I like more.....they all are delightful. Mark in his suit - lucky for him she doesn't shed. I'll post at my blog later two more photos of Plumcake before she had a name and before I sent her to you.
Happy writing!

The Other Laura

Well, hello Plumcake! (And oh, I know this feeling oh so well.)

I love the way you laugh off your demons.

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