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Thank you for stopping by, Christina--it makes me heart-happy.

Hi Virginia--you found me! Yes, I'm slowly figuring out that our two wills needn't clash...


Ohmygosh ... you've been BUSY here since May 5th and methinks it'll take me a while to catch up, but I've added your new site to my 'reader' and clicked through all your posts quickly to get a sense of what you've been up to lately beside figuring out how to balance your own life with Nathan's ... seems like you're doing THAT quite well Karen so KUDOS to you! Methinks I'll check out your 'writing bag' before I get back to today's tasks. I've scheduled a return visit to read more, but first I need to do some updating of my own since it's been more than a month since MY last post!
Hugs and blessings,


me too. i search for the shade in summer as well. and like you i often have a backpack full of reading material and notebooks. i am so happy, you had this time.


Thank you Kara and Hay--except for the intense heat, I quite enjoyed myself!!


That is perfect :)
I'm the swimmer in our family, I usually have to hide my swimming gear so the kids don't know I'm going and want to come too, lol.


Karen this sounds so wonderful. I love what you've discovered and I can just picture you both having a good summer time fun. Yay!


Thank you, Laura!

The Other Laura

Good for you!(I am a total shade hound in the summertime.)

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